Friday, April 22, 2005

evil bad Starbucks

This morning on my way to work I ventured into Starbucks to see if their advertised "Anna Olson's Brown Sugar Pound Cake" was really what they said it was. So I asked if it contained any margarine or hydrogenated vegetable oil, and I was told that yes, it contained margarine. Both women behind the counter looked baffled when I told them that I wasn't allergic to it (they asked), it was just horrible stuff and I wouldn't eat it. (And yes Anna and Rachel I know that sounds totally like a mum thing to say.)

But uninformed staff people aside, this is really bad of Starbuck's. If there's margarine in it, then it's NOT Anna Olson's recipe. I wonder if she's at all pissed off about it, or if she's totally sold out.

It's not like they need the damn things to have a long shelf life, it's purely a matter of cost, I'm sure. And Starbucks is obviously not enlightened enough to just use the butter, stick a "trans-fat-free" label on the goodies, and charge an extra $.25 per piece. It's not like people go to Starbucks for food bargains or anything.

Grrr. I want to send pissed-off-customer e-mail to Starbucks but they don't have a Canadian website.


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