Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Menu for a week or so

I didn't get around to doing up a weekly menu last night, but I thought that it would make sense to post it here instead so I can access it both at home and at work (another reason why the web is a better place for information than my fridge door). Also, if anyone wants to rip it off, feel free.


Lunch: leftover chicken, barley & salad
Dinner: pork tenderloin with mustard-port sauce, mashed taters, zucchini & carrots


Lunch: leftovers & salad
Dinner: omlette with dried tomatoes, salami, pesto & parmesan & salad


Lunch: sliced chicken breast on greens w/yogurt balsamic dressing, & fruit
Dinner: fillet of some halibut-like thing with a maple-sambal glaze, sauteed chard and brown rice


Lunch: antipasto-type stuff and multigrain bread
Dinner: roast beast, yorkshires & super-salad


Lunch: antipasto-type stuff or soup
Dinner: house dinner, I'm on dessert -> Rachel's mascarpone cheesecake, I think.


Lunch: roast beast sandwich and fruits
Dinner: salmon, soba & greens

I'll make up the rest of next week's menu on the weekend. Now I just need to generate a shopping list, hit the shops after work (La Collina, Thrifty's, 4-Ways) and we're good to go.


Blogger Rachel said...

Can I come live at your house?

11:40 AM  
Blogger spughy said...

Flattering as that request is, coming from a younger sister who, in times of actual cohabitation was not always my biggest fan, I think such an arrangement might possibly be a wee bit detrimental to my marriage.

You can make all the tasty food yourself, Binky, I know you're just as good a cook as me, if not better. All these are pretty much geared towards 2 people and can be easily adapted for one, and I don't think I'm using any wacky ingredients that you can't get in Whse.

11:44 AM  

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