Thursday, February 03, 2005

trans fats make you stupid

...which is probably why people keep eating them.

This study gives one more reason to not eat trans fats - as if warped cell structure, raised bad cholesterol, lowered good cholesterol, artery-clogging and minor complaints like skin damage weren't enough.

In other, more random news - don't waste your money on Secret brand "bottom shaper" nylons. They appear to be squishing rather than lifting. Just saying.


Blogger Sue said...

This is just another reason why Old Dutch is a great potato chip company (as far as a potato chip company can be good). Their addictive little snacks have 0% trans fats! So you can stuff yourself silly with an unburdened mind.

Uhh.. yeah. YES I am aware of how generally bad chips are.

Anyways, I'm personally a big fan of Quo brand nylons from Shoppers. They have crotchless nylons. They're a biotch to put on straight, but they keep the ventilation flowing.

2:21 PM  
Blogger spughy said...

Miss Vickie's are also trans-fat free, but they always have been and don't see any reason to put it on the label. Kettle Chips, too.

Personally, I think Old Dutch are kind of icky, but I also like it when I think things that are bad for me are icky (although in this case, it's not like Miss Vickie is going to do me any more good...)

10:20 AM  

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