Tuesday, January 25, 2005

sometimes the choir enjoys a good preaching

I watched "Supersize Me" last night. I was expecting a Michael Moore-style biased documentary, but this was pretty well done. The only criticism I have is that, like any "health" regimen, it's best to wade in slowly. In the same way an obese person with cholesterol through the roof and hypertension isn't going to exactly benefit from a sudden marathon-training regime, a perfectly fit person (who's had a vegan cooking for him for some time) is going to have a much harder time with an all-McDonald's diet and enforced sedentarism than someone who eased into that lifestyle over the course of several years.

That having been said, if anyone can watch that movie and still eat at McDonald's more than once a week, he/she ought to be running seminars in mental conditioning. Seriously. You would have to expend a LOT of mental effort to convince yourself you still wanted to eat that crap, and that's mental effort that could be redirected to all sorts of better (or more nefarious) purposes. Either that, or McDonald's is better at brainwashing people than I give them credit for.

No recipe today - I had leftovers for dinner. Breakfast was a delightful granola scone from La Collina though. I highly recommend them, although they are a little bigger than they need to be, so I'm going jogging at lunch to burn off any breakfast residue.

Oh, and I found this website that is an amazing resource for women interested in weight training. The more I think about it, the more I am convincing myself that the key to long-term health and weight loss is not so much less fat as more muscle, and a simple regime to maintain that muscle. Cardio is fun and all, but the benefits last only a few hours, while weight training that builds significant muscle just keeps burning more calories for as long as you maintain that muscle. The thing I really like about this site is that it totally goes against the pansy-assed mainstream view that women should do light weights and tons of reps. I've always thought that was kind of bullshit and I have always had really good results with low reps and high weights. Plus, it's way less boring. Plus, you see more results faster. The woman who runs the site has pictures of herself before she started weight training and after, and she looks amazing, and she seems really down-to-earth and sensible too. I don't think you have to be as hard-core into it as she is, but certainly GOOD weight training would help anyone who was into competetive sports that require a degree of strength (ie rowing) or just wanted to lose a bit of flab.


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