Monday, January 17, 2005

It might be wrong to be excited about these things.

Two exciting things happened last week. One I had nothing to do with, but am kind of happy about anyway. I'll tackle that one first: the new US Federal Government Dietary Guidelines. It's pretty much everything I've been saying for the last couple of years about healthy eating, only written down and official-like. Basically, watch your calories, eat your veggies, whole grains are better for you, and exercise your butt off. They're even recommending more exercise than I typically recommend for myself - an hour of moderate to intense exercise every day. But they do say you can break that up into 10-minute chunks... I think 10 minutes is a bit too small a chunk and I'd prefer they said 20, but whatever. I find half-hour chunks work well, and fit into my lunch hour nicely.

The other exciting thing was that I ordered a body-fat-analyzer scale. And I WILL post what it says when I get it. It should arrive today or tomorrow. (Of course, part of the excitement with this is just "new gadget".)


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