Monday, February 07, 2005

since when is pound cake a healthier choice?

This article on kids' preferences for sweet food and aversion to vegetables was on HealthDay today. Generally it's a good article, but pound cake as a better choice than muffins???? Um, how, exactly? Pound cake is named thusly because of the ingredients: pound of flour, pound of butter, pound of sugar, if I'm not mistaken. Muffins - well, maybe not the "cake in a muffin tin" kind you can get at some less reputable coffee shops, but the good kind that you make yourself (like Heather's pumpkin raisin muffins, the recipe for which I would like to post, if she doesn't mind)... they're healthy, good for you, and tasty. I think it's sad how poor little muffins have been mutated and subsequently vilified.


Blogger Sue said...

I think they were assuming that these poor children's mothers aren't the sort of people who make homemade muffins, so the only "muffin" action the kids are getting is your 600-calorie grocery store / Tim Horton's variety. Which are, for the most part, truly disgusting.

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