Tuesday, February 22, 2005

routines, importance of

The past week and a bit has been bad for my routines. I love my new bike, but it takes a bit longer to get home in the evening, resulting in Stirling doing more cooking (which is not a bad thing really, he makes very very tasty stir-fries), and a tendency towards faster meals when I cook. There are tons of tasty fast meals to be made, but occasionally I want something that takes longer.

The other problem is that with the excitement of my sister visiting, helping Don & Amy move, and having friends over on the weekend, the essential weekend grocery shop never happened. Also, I didn't make up a menu for this week, and we've been doing day-to-day shopping and asking "what's for dinner tonight" a lot. Plus, I have no lunches for work. But I guess it takes a week like this to make me really appreciate what a weekly menu does for us. It's one of those liberating chores that once it's done and the groceries are bought, you really don't have to think about it for another week.

So, tonight I will make up a menu for the rest of the week and maybe next week too, and a shopping list for tomorrow and another for Saturday, and then on Saturday I will do a real grocery shop and all this food-related stress will go away.

Oh, and the point of this - weekly menus are a really, really, really good idea. Really.


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