Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I must be doing something right...

This post is more or less a brag about my kid. Be forewarned.

I just had a lovely lunch downtown with Rowan at Konpira, where the chef makes his own udon noodles. We ordered the wakame udon (udon noodles in broth with seaweed and a piece of tamago) and I ordered Rowan a side of her fish balls (ikura - marinated salmon roe).

So my little bunny demolished her ikura in less than a minute, and then ate pretty much ALL the seaweed out of the udon dish, played with some udon noodles and ate maybe 2 of them, and then sucked back a bunch of broth before declaring herself done. A child who prefers salmon roe and seaweed to noodles (and these were darned good noodles) - wow. She didn't like the tamago though.

Anyway, I would highly recommend Konpira. It's on Broughton St. near Douglas, pretty much beside The Wine Barrel. Fantastic udon in lovely broth. The tamago was nice too.


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