Thursday, June 26, 2008

Revenge is actually more savoury than sweet, and it goes well with bacon

Well of course *everything* goes with bacon.

But on to the story: My balcony garden this year has been heavily thwarted by the wretched pigeons that took up residence in our unfinished balcony. They nibbled all the seed leaves off pretty much everything that sprouted, leaving me with about 5 bean plants and some dill, which they left alone for some reason. Steve eventually sealed off their hidey-hole, but they are stupid birds, and did not understand that they had been evicted, and just kept hanging around.

Yesterday I went and scoured a bunch of garden centres for any vegetables I could find, and went out on the balcony to put them in pots (after having determined that it was just the seed leaves the pigeons liked; if a plant escaped their notice until it was larger, they left it alone.) And what did I find in one of my battered pepper plant pots?

Hah. That, of course, begat this:

The whites were more translucent than chicken eggs - more like duck eggs - and with really thick shells (hence the broken yolks). They tasted just like any other egg.

And no, the thought of letting the pigeon hatch the eggs DIDN'T cross my mind until after they were in my tum.


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