Sunday, June 15, 2008

another reason why you want to drink real milk

If you put 4 or 5 ounces of milk in a plastic sippy cup, and give that sippy cup to your child in the car, what happens if she doesn't drink it and it sits on the back ledge of the car for 3 days in sunny weather?

Well, if it's pasteurized milk, you'd probably notice after a day or so that there was a distinct pong in the air of the car, so it wouldn't go that far. But, if it's good clean Nell milk... open the sippy veeerrrry carefully over the sink, figuring the holes got blocked hiding the stench. Then when nothing happens after you open it, you bravely take a careful sniff. And smell... virtually nothing. A mild, cheese-like smell. The milk has separated into a smooth curd and some whey. It's almost edible. It looks and feels just like mozzarella. (But you don't go that far, because... well, because you just don't feel that adventurous tonight.)

Kind of amazing, huh? Makes you really believe the old legends of early agrarians toting milk around in sheep stomachs and discovering cheese *and actually eating it*. That was the part I never got, thinking that even pre-industrial taste buds couldn't be THAT off-base - but now I know better.


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