Monday, May 05, 2008

another restaurant recommendation

Tonight on our way back from picking up the milk - Stirling came too, to see the farm and meet the cows - we stopped in at Smoken' Bones for dinner. Other foodie types have all reviewed the restaurant sufficiently glowingly so I'll skip that bit - but I do want to say that they have THE best kids' menu EVER. Four items: pork ribs, pulled pork or bbq chicken sandwich, mac & cheese (homemade with aged cheddar), or a salmon fillet, each with choice of one side (and there are a LOT of tasty, child-friendly vegetable options in the sides).

It is so nice to find a casual restaurant - think hillbilly music and hockey on tv - that serves good food to grown-ups and the SAME good food to kids, scaled appropriately, but nary a fish stick or chicken finger in sight. YAY. Finally! We will go back, for sure!


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