Wednesday, May 07, 2008

veggie storage - a better way than plastic bags

I got a bit sick of all the plastic vegetable bags I was using and decided to cut back. I contemplated making cloth bags, indeed I may still do that, but for now I just buy veggies without using bags wherever I can (the veggie stand won't even give bags, so that makes it easier!) and I line my vegetable drawers in the fridge with damp dish towels. Then I cover what goes in with another damp towel. This works really amazingly well! My veggies stay beautifully fresh seemingly forever - far, far, FAR longer than they ever did in plastic bags.

The only thing I'll use bags for now is for produce that tends to escape, like grapes (which I rarely buy anyway). I know those bags can be recycled, but that still uses energy. Reduce comes first in the three R's, and in this case, it actually works better than the alternative. Go figger.

I change the towels in there sort of weekly. But if they don't look grungy, I just damp them a little more and put them back in. It is pretty low-maintenance as far as maintenance goes, and it certainly makes putting groceries away and quick fridge inventories faster. And did I mention the staying fresh part? I have chard in my fridge from last week that is indistinguishable from the chard I bought today, and I had some celery last something like 2 months (why no, we don't eat a lot of celery!)


Blogger Trulie Scrumptious said...

Hi! Don't know how I came across your blog but it was at the time of the Evil Kraft letter and bookmarked your blog so I could check back:) I have issues with Kraft too!

I will be trying your veggie storage idea...I rarely use plastic bags but my food goes bad quite quickly...I am hoping this will work and it is not my fridge.

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