Thursday, July 10, 2008

so much for the balcony garden

My intensively planted balcony garden fell prey to a squirrel last week. Everything is gone. The little bugger made off with every single one of my plants, edible or not. The culprit is a psychotic squirrel living under the balcony who currently has or will have babies. She is a known people/dog attacker, and generally an unpleasant beast. Steve has a mandate now to get rid of her in any way possible, humane or not (but due to the cats, no poison.)

Anyway, gone are all my tomatoes except the decrepit ones on Marina's balcony that got shredded by the windstorm, a couple peppers, an eggplant, several varieties of squash, cucumber and melon, four nice little lavender plants, some beans, some corn, some dill, and several nice dahlias. I hate squirrels.

But in good news, it's pea season. I love fresh peas. Dave's were ready last week and mine are coming in now (the squirrel hasn't touched the main garden plot). Mmmmmm peas. We've also really enjoyed the broad beans (fava beans) this year. My chard is fantastic, the carrots are approaching edibility, and everything else in the garden looks great. Even my dill - which has been an abject failure every other year - is doing fantastic this year and has already contributed to a very nice potato salad.


Blogger Susan said...

Hee hee.. this is the revenge of Artos' old D&D character for you getting him killed off by a pack of intelligent oversized squirrels. *giggle*

Sorry, I guess it's not really funny. Those plants would have produced a lot of food for your family.

9:31 PM  
Blogger spughy said...

Ha. I totally forgot about that. Is he still bitter? LOL

8:05 AM  

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