Sunday, May 29, 2005

Moose burgers with Gorgonzola

Since Sarah mentioned the moose burgers in her last post, I thought I should contribute the general idea behind them which I ripped off from that annoying barbequeing guy on Food Network who made it with lamb burgers and chevre. (In defense of the annoying guy show, most of the food he makes really does look quite yummy if you can get past his guy's guy behaviour, and Tim Allen-like grunting).

Make two thin patties of meat. Put pieces of gorgonzola or whatever cheese you want on top of one patty. Put the other patty on top and smoosh together to make one large patty with the cheese in the middle. Cook and eat with whatever burger fixings you like.

This has many possibilities for variation with differing meats and cheeses, and other additions for the filling (mushrooms? herbs?). Personally, I think the gorgonzola should have been blended with something a little zestier, perhaps parmesan to give it a bit more cheesy zing. I usually add parmesan to my blue cheese sauce for grilled steak (which is really good on potatoes done in a basket on the barbeque that go with the steak). I'll try that next time since it is definately a repeat recipe.

Let me also put in a plug for the portabello mushroom burger at Swan's. I had it on my last visit to Victoria and was quite delighted. It did squoosh out of the bun even more than a regular burger, but it was very yummy. Have it with a glass of Swan's fabulous Black and Tan which I love, love, love! A trip to Victoria is not complete without a glass of the Black and Tan (and a trip to Saigon Night, now replaced by Saigon Night's sister's place for pork, pork and more pork).

Hungry! Oh, so hungry!


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