Friday, September 26, 2014

And the results are in...

This morning I got to weigh myself and have a milk kefir smoothie.  Both were largely enjoyable experiences.  I've lost just over 13 lbs in 30 days, which is quite a lot for me.  Previously on a moderately Paleo diet I averaged about 5-7 lbs lost per month.  However, probably a few pounds were due to water/bloat loss - but still, that's pretty good.  I can fit pretty much all of my clothes that I was wearing just before I got pregnant with my little monster, so even though I have no idea how much I weighed then, I would say it's a safe bet that I'm within 5 lbs of that.  I rediscovered a pair of skinny jeans that stopped fitting me right after I bought them, and they fit really well now.  That was a nice surprise.

I also feel a lot calmer and confident about food.  At lunch today I had miso soup and that was a real treat.  The lunch was just all over a treat, though - chatting, uninterrupted, while people brought me food - LUXURY.  One doesn't really appreciate restaurants until one has a toddler who keeps one out of them.  (I think I will, however, start smuggling coconut aminos into sushi restaurants.  It's just that much tastier than soy sauce.)

Dinner tonight features cabbage cooked in BUTTER and I may not wait until the family gets home to dive into that.  Also, a little bit of baked potato with butter.  I'm going to see how the fermented dairy and butter suits me before diving into cream in my coffee and cheese, though.

So overall, I call the Whole30 an entirely feasible, successful experiment.  I have no desire to reintroduce sugar or grains to my diet, but I may try some beans or lentils at some point, and probably most forms of dairy.  I will see how that goes.  I would strongly recommend this to anyone who is having issues with feeling yucky, or control over eating.  It's done me a world of good on both counts.


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