Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nearly done...

Tomorrow is my last day of the Whole30.  With a few teeny tiny exceptions (wasabi, vanilla extract) I complied 100% for the whole thirty days.  Yay me.  I'm going to take this opportunity to call bullshit on the prohibition of every single teeny bit of alcohol (eg, vanilla extract) though because the program DOES allow kombucha and water kefir and they both contain small amounts of alcohol.  So pbbbbbttttt Whole30 I don't feel bad about that little bit of vanilla in my better-than-oatmeal breakfast.

Anyway.  My insides are telling me they want dairy-based kefir again so I am going to have some first thing Friday morning, and it will be delicious.  The coconut milk kind of screwed with my kefir grains (well, my fault for using cheap coconut milk) so I've had them resting in milk since then. 

But, I think that will be the only dairy I allow back in for a while.  I do still miss cheese, but I can see how I eat a bit too much of it sometimes.  And I am totally fine with coconut milk in my coffee (which has turned out to not affect my sleep at all, which is good.)  Although, it is conceivable that cream might have fewer calories.  I will have to check.  Not that it's a significant part of my daily caloric intake, but every little bit helps.

I definitely do not feel like running out and eating donuts.  I will go back to a fairly moderate paleo diet with some dairy (butter, cultured dairy, cheese if someone forces it down my throat), the odd bit of soy sauce, and the occasional potato. 


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