Monday, August 25, 2014

Whole 30 - starting tomorrow

My sporadic attempts to improve my gut flora have done nothing but possibly make me less susceptible to the ill effects of far too much wheat in my diet, so the last few months have been not so good, and I am feeling not so good, and it is time to get serious about this because I just had a birthday and am heading into that age range at which things like heart attacks are not unheard of and would occasion only "well, she was a LITTLE young for it" comments if such were to occur.  So it is time to give up the popcorn and donuts and bread and gin and tonics (sniff) and have a nice little detoxy kind of time.

I think I've mentioned the Whole 30 thing before.  I haven't actually ever managed it - prior to this summer I've had access to really good raw milk and haven't been able to justify divorcing myself completely from dairy.  And there was that time that I was doing really well and then two weeks in found that I was pregnant... so anyway, this will be a first for me.  At least 30 days without grains, legumes, vegetable oil, sugar or dairy.  Good thing it's produce season!  I stocked up today with piles of greens, fruit, cauliflowers, etc.  The Whole 30 now says potatoes are okay (not chips or fries, of course) so that makes for fairly normal dinners around here and the kids and the husband often have different breakfasts and lunches from me anyway.

It'll also be an opportunity for me to resurrect this sadly neglected blog and post some recipes, thoughts, and reviews of the many internet recipes I will be attempting, as I try to avoid one too many boring meat + veg + other veg meals.

Tonight, though, we feast!  I have a brisket roast slow-cooking on the bbq with some alder chips providing a bit of smoke, a nectarine & molasses bbq sauce to go with it on the stove, coleslaw in the fridge and squishy white buns ready and waiting for delicious drippy meat.  And my slightly delayed birthday cheesecake with the sour cherry topping is standing by for dessert.  No recipes, sorry - I just winged it on everything but the cheesecake, and that was made following the instructions on the cream cheese box.


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