Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nothing says Christmas like Darth Vader

Christmas Eve.  I'm baking cookies for gifts (no, not paleo cookies) and Miss Rowan has an idea for the perfect gift for Uncle Ashley: gingerbread.  Darth Vader gingerbread.  Well sure, why not?

Luuuuuke...I am your Christmas snacks....

How about the fact that it's Christmas Eve and there's no way I'm going within 100 meters of a retail store?  And I don't have any Star Wars cookie cutters.  But before I extinguished her visions of awesome giftage, I pondered... maybe, I could repurpose something...

A search through the drawer of kitchen gadgetry revealed that I did have a Darth Vader cookie cutter.  It just didn't know it yet.  It thought it was a gingerbread girl, albeit one who could use a chiropractic adjustment.  I can see how it would make that mistake:

A few tweaks with a pair of pliers, however, set it right.

The next challenge was black icing.  The internet thought that it was terribly hard to make and I should just buy it.  Screw you, internet, I'm not going out today.  Some parts of the internet said you could get closer using cocoa powder.  So I started with that, and then put in a lot of almost every food colouring I own.  And whaddya know, black icing - or close enough for government work, anyhow.

I think Darth turned out pretty well.  He's tasty, too.


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