Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reduced appetite? Check.

Well, it really doesn't take long to kill one's appetite with bland food. Two days of my "bare essentials" soup, some hardboiled eggs, a little raw-milk kefir and tea, and I barely want to eat anything. I feel kind of hungry, but not like I want to eat. It's very weird. I also have a bit of a headache, probably because I haven't eaten enough today, and at this rate, it's going to take me a week or so to go through all the current batch of soup.

However, my mood is good, and I didn't crave Stirling & Rowan's delicious-looking dinner - although it was really hard not to take a bite of the pear I cut up for them for lunch. It just smelled so, so sweet and was perfectly ripe. Oh well, there will always be pears. If I'm craving anything, it's crunchy veg and fruit.

So today I've eaten: 3 hardboiled eggs, 2 bowls of soup (although I didn't finish the bowl I had for dinner) one of which had a small added potato and a chunk of steamed cauliflower, the other of which had an added few sorrel leaves, and 1/3 cup roasted chestnuts, which I made for Rowan and of course she didn't like them so I decided they were sufficiently bland and enough of a pain to shell that I was in no danger of making more and over-snacking. They were nice though. And while I was hungry just before dinner and held out so I could eat with the family, I haven't been really hungry all day. Oh, and I had lots of tea, all of it with milk, but we're out of milk now so there'll be no more of that until Tuesday, when more milk will magically arrive. Based on what was in the milk bottle this morning and subtracting what I put in other people's coffee and tea, I think I had about half a cup of milk, total.

My energy levels are fine. I went for a 5 km jog with dog today (which includes a good deal of walking because dog objects to just running, and I also didn't feel like running all the way) and spent the afternoon outside, supervising kids and chatting with neighbours. Come to think of it, maybe my headache is actually from the bright was a gorgeous day!

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