Monday, October 17, 2011

So about those fat numbers...

Okay, USDA nutrient database, I believe you now. A chunk of moose leg really doesn't have enough fat. Bummer I don't have the whole moose. All the fat is around the organs.

Last night I couldn't finish my soup even though I was still kind of hungry. This morning, I did a weights workout and it wasn't all that fantastic. Not bad, just not great. And it took a lot of convincing myself that I actually wanted to eat some soup for lunch, after a meager breakfast of 2 boiled eggs and a post-workout snack of a diluted 1/2 cup of kefir with a dollop of omega-3+D oil. So I tried adding in about a tbsp of lard (from pastured pigs, of course) to the soup. Wow. What a difference. First, it tasted better (because as we all know, pig fat makes everything better, even when it's just dumped on and heated in the microwave) and second, I was able to eat a lot more, and I actually feel satisfied now. I'm not trying to starve myself here, and I would like enough energy in the tank to enjoy my workouts. Adding that bit of extra fat to my meals will give me an extra couple hundred calories a day (still not going to put me close to what I burn) and will take my mind off my tummy, which was feeling weird with almost all protein and no fat. The extra potato last night didn't help much.

So, while the moose soup lasts, it's going to have pig fat added to each serving. It's still not gourmet fare, and I don't want to snack on it or anything, but I can at least sort of look forward to eating the rest of the batch.

Pretty sure I've got this more of less figured out, so I'll give the posting and navel-gazing about it a rest for a bit and update at the end of the week.



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