Monday, May 10, 2010

The liver challenge

I know that liver is very good for me. I also know that I have quite a lot of it in the freezer - some moose, but mostly beef. Oh and some pork too I think. Somehow I end up with the livers whenever an animal is divvied up. Also, good pastured chicken livers are readily available here and cheap. Liver is a fantastic source of iron and other minerals, vitamins, A, D, and lots of different Bs, folic acid, and other good things. And, contrary to what people think, toxins are not stored in liver. Livers are responsible for metabolizing (or conjugating) toxins, but those that don't get dealt with stay in the blood and eventually lodge in the lyphatic system and fatty tissue, not the liver. So, as long as you'd happily eat the meat of animal, you can safely eat the liver. More than safely. Liver is the ultimate health food.

The problem? I don't really *like* it very much. I like pate, but I'm trying to cut way back on bread because it's been disagreeing with my insides, and pate on endive is good but violates my locavore philosophy too much to be a regular thing. (Somehow, belgian endive seems not to be grown around here.) Plus, you can get tired of pate.

Soooo... I am on the hunt for new liver recipes. I don't mind the basic liver, bacon & onions we all know and tolerate to some degree, but the child and the husband are less enthusiastic. My plan is to try one new recipe a week, and success will be determined by the amount of any given recipe we can eat. I have some moose liver sliced and soaking in milk in the fridge, and I think I shall make the Russian dish Liver with Sour Cream tonight (and maybe a meatloaf too just in case.)

(I have, in the past, hidden liver in meatloaf, but I feel that's cheating somehow.)

Got some great liver recipes? Post them in the comments!


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