Sunday, May 02, 2010

Yummy Impromptu Dinner

Sarah's sister here - I've been visiting Victoria for a couple of weeks now and enjoying the lovely foods available here, both local and imported. Sarah and family are at the in-laws for dinner and I am on my own tonight. I feel like mentioning the pleasant simple dinner I just had, sourced from stuff I found in the fridge or on the counter. I sliced a pear and wrapped it up in prosciutto with the remains of the blue de Basque cheese and half an avocado. Washed down with the last glass of Quail's Gate Dry Riesling. Really good, and when I ran out of cheese and had enough of the prosciutto, I pulled out the maple smoked salmon candy and sliced up a few pieces of that to go with the rest of the pear and avocado. Finished with a square of Denman Island dark chocolate and a few spoonfuls of Liberte Dulce de Leche yogurt for dessert. What a good dinner.


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