Saturday, November 14, 2009

I have seen the promised land, and it is filled with corn tortillas

How is it that I have never before realized the wondrousness of the humble corn tortilla? I have owned packages of them, used a few as a poor alternative to flour tortillas (which are a poor alternative to home-made flat breads) and then thrown the rest out after several weeks of sitting in the fridge. They always have tasted kind of raw and mealy, and generally unappealing.

I have made a discovery - bake the little suckers until they're toasty and they turn out delightful, crispy around the edges, with a pleasant tortilla chip flavour without the deep frying. ALSO, if you sprinkle on a very minimal amount of grated cheese (minimal! I mean it, no big gluey globs) and some salsa (also minimal amount), pop it in a 400F oven for about three to five minutes (so the cheese is bubbling), and then use as a shell for enchilada/burrito/taco type dishes. I make a filling of carrot/celery/pepper/tomato/onion/garlic and some sort of meat, fish or tofu, seasoned with a bit of chili and cumin, and then topped with avocado, more salsa, lime juice, lettuce and fresh veggies. Really good, simple, and family friendly, and ten thousand times better than those hard taco shells that sit on the store shelf for a few years before blowing up into little pieces as soon as you bite into them.

This also makes good breakfast with leftover filling. Just pop the tortilla with cheese and salsa in the oven. When toasty, put on some of the filling and put it back in the oven to warm for a couple minutes while you scramble an egg. Put the egg on top of the filling and scarf it down. Yummy!


Blogger Bekki said...

Yes!!! I love fresh corn tortillas (not the rubbery crap from most stores.) They are sooo essential for gluten-free eating. I have a toaster oven, so it's super easy to pop a couple of them in there to get toasty. I'm dealing with gestational diabetes right now, and seem exquisitely sensitive to the carbs in corn, so... I have to wait. But they make great wraps for a quickie chicken/salmon salad, too. If I don't overfill them they make great one-handed food, which is always good with a baby in the house.

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