Saturday, May 01, 2010

Helllloooo, brand new bbq...

I got a spiffy new toy. I luuurrrve it. It makes delicious things. So far I have grilled sausages, done a slow-cooked smoked pork shoulder, and tonight I made skewers of scallops and bell peppers brushed with rosemary-infused lemon butter. YUM.

The scallops, by the way, were local - Qualicum Bay scallops purchased at Finest At Sea. At $23/lb they are not what one could term cheap, or even affordable. However, thanks to a generous donation to this week's grocery budget by my visiting sister (and occasional blog contributor) Rachel, I figured we could have a wee splurge. If you're going to buy scallops, it's worth spending a bit extra and getting good, fresh, local ones. SO much better than the squishy wet pucks that Thrifty's sells. Rowan fortunately decided she didn't like them, so Rachel, Stirling and I had more than enough. (I didn't like scallops either as a child, and really the last thing I need is Rowan being fond of yet another expensive form of seafood. Trips past any seafood counter are currently difficult as it is.)

Anyway, it was a delightful dinner and I am thoroughly impressed with the new bbq. I hope it lives up to its billing and lasts until we hit peak oil and propane becomes too expensive to cook with. (And no, I didn't pay the price listed on the Home Depot site.)


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