Tuesday, July 29, 2008

culinary wisdom from a two-year-old

This evening, as I was suffering from a cold, a chicken overdose and a distinct lack of imagination as to what to do with the piece of sockeye Rowan talked me into at the grocery store, I decided to consult with her about the side dishes. I sort of listed what we had - potatoes, soba noodles, beet greans, beans - and she said "Beet greens and soba noodles are a good idea with sockeye salmon." And so it was, and so they were. I invented this dish many years ago, I'm glad the child approves. (Scroll down to the January 20th entry.)


Blogger Susan said...

Rowan is such a wise child. Now if only she could somehow download some wisdom to my child, who seems to like veggie crisps and grapes most of all.

10:08 PM  

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