Monday, March 14, 2005

Green Apple Granita

I made this last night as a palate refresher between the first course and main course. It would also be an awesome light summer dessert.

If you have a fancy-schmancy ice cream maker like my sister, you could make more of a sorbet-like substance with this, but I only have a freezer so I made granita instead.


4 granny smith apples
3 handfuls of parsley (I think mint would be nice if you were making this as a dessert)

Put apples and parsley through a juicer. Pour juice into a large area baking dish to form a fairly shallow layer. Put in freezer. Every 30-60 minutes stir it up with a fork and mash up any ice chunks that form. This will take several hours so it is best to do it when you have a free afternoon and lots of other things to do around the house. The end product should be flaky/granular appley ice crystals.

This makes way too much for ten people as a between-course palate refresher (serving size of about a sherry glass full). Half this much would be sufficient. As a dessert this would probably do for about 6-8 people. If you made it in an ice cream maker the volume would be less and probably serve 4-6 (I'm just guessing here). This would also be a fun base to play with. Try adding lime juice, rum and mint and have a green apple-mojito sorbet. That would be uber-yummy.


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