Tuesday, March 08, 2005

signs of spring

I love this time of year. Every day there are new signs of spring. Last week I started getting faint whiffs of the cottonwoods along my ride to work, and today I saw new growth on the blackberries and a brave, probably chilly little garter snake in Rithet's Bog. Yesterday at lunch it felt actually warm outside. My roses are growing new leaves like crazy, the garden definitely needs to be dealt with, and the ride home from my gym just smells like blossoms the whole way. Yay spring! It makes it a lot easier to go outside and get some exercise, even if it's grey and a bit rainy like today. I wasn't cold at all during my jog around the bog, and the little bit of rain felt lovely.

If you haven't yet (and you're in Victoria - sorry mum & Rachel) get outside and enjoy spring. It only happens once a year and it's a shame to miss it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's warm and smells nice here too! The fir hedge is "smelly" when the sun shines on it. And today I had to put the garbage can at the end of the carport to catch the water cascading off the roof. Must remember to empty it - again - before going to bed or I'll wreck it by having ice expanding in it overnight.
Someone was telling me of a new expression they learned a few days ago - the appearance of "dog flowers" all over the woods and paths when the snow starts to melt.

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