Thursday, November 20, 2008

Strawberry Cupcakes

It's Rowan's birthday today, and she wanted strawberry cupcakes. I employed my usual recipe-finding method (google, pick one that only contains stuff already in the house) and made these.

I did my own icing though - creamcheese with strawberries in it - and the strawberry tip on top of each is my own garnish. (I was worried they'd look a little boobalicious, but nobody said anything so I guess not.)

They turned out really well, so I give that recipe a big thumbs-up. I didn't follow it exactly though, because I didn't have cake flour and it called for blending the oil with the flour, oddly, and whacking that around for some 2 minutes. With non-cake flour, that would be a nice recipe for bricks so I did the usual muffin method of mixing wet and dry separately and combining gently, which worked nicely. Also, I didn't use vegetable oil because I don't believe in it, so I used melted butter instead, and because I didn't have unsalted I also cut the salt in half. It all worked fine.


Blogger Mel said...

My first thought was that they looked like breasts, but I won't tell. They sound delicious. Happy Birthday, Rowan!

7:13 AM  

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