Friday, April 20, 2007

a new kitchen project

I got myself a new project - some water kefir granules. What fun! I started them in a solution of sucanat & banana slices (which produced a beverage reminiscent of kombucha) then I moved them into some slightly diluted concorde grape juice and yowza! They like it in there!!! I left them in a little too long and it went a little boozy, but it's still pretty tasty.

My challenge now is to find a sealable, strong container for brewing this so I can get the carbonation to stay in the drink.

In other news, Stirling found a great site with tons of good curry recipes. He made rogan josh, and it was GREAT. Even better was two days later, when all the lamb bits were gone but the sauce remained... I poached eggs in the sauce and we had them for dinner. Really, you have not lived until you have experienced the joy that is poached eggs in curry sauce. It's the easiest dinner on the planet to make (heat curry sauce. crack eggs into sauce. simmer until done.), it's thoroughly nutritious (when served on brown rice) and it's delicious. Rowan gave it her vote of approval by gobbling everything in front of her and then wanting some of Daddy's seconds!


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