Friday, March 06, 2009

Tomato countdown

Sun Wing opened this week. Sadly, I missed the few cherry tomatoes they had today, but I put an order in for next week so in 6 days and 10 hours I will get to eat tomatoes again (and, of course, exercise some will power and bring some home for Rowan rather than scarfing the lot in the car.) I will be sure to actually TELL her about the tomatoes before I go so as to remove that temptation.

I freely admit that this is not technically seasonal eating. These tomatoes come out of a hothouse. However, they are pesticide-free, and the hothouse is owned and run by a local family, and darn it, I want tomatoes.

In other news, I found Saltspring Island mussels at Pepper's today, and since I am family-less for dinner I am having mussels steamed in beer with lots of carmelized onions and bacon, and a nice spicy salad of Dave's winter greens. Now that's dinner. (And total cost: approx $5, just in case you think I'm sneaking luxury dinners in.)


Blogger JC said...

do you follow a seasonal diet for the most part?
I've been curious to try this....what do you do for greens?
I live in a cold place that does not produce greens in the winter....
This summer I will gear up to do it for next winter but canning and canning and of course fermenting where I can.

8:10 AM  
Blogger spughy said...

Sorry, I totally missed this comment earlier.

Yes, I follow a very seasonal diet. I live in Victoria, BC, where we CAN grow things year-round, so no matter what, there's always kale.

Growing up, my parents froze all the garden produce and we ate that all winter. Still local, but not seasonal. If you live someplace snowy, that's the way to go.

9:03 PM  

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