Sunday, February 22, 2009

an excellent article not written by me

I have crappy Vista on my computer, which means IE regularly malfunctions (note to self: get around to installing Firefox). I find that it's more likely to run properly if another Microsoft program launches it, so I've been randomly selecting links that come up on my Windows Live thing that launches when Instant Messenger starts up. Today there was one that read "How safe is microwave popcorn?" This intrigued me. My initial response would be "It's practically toxic waste, don't eat it." Imagine my surprise when I read the article and it actually agreed with me! And totally scooped my microwave popcorn methodology, too. Yay MSN.

Now I'm going to go read about the 7 hottest Oscar night dresses EVAH because that's what I was going to click on before I saw the popcorn link, and I'm curious.


Blogger Anna said...

OK - that popcorn article was hilarious - especially the part about bourbon.

3:53 PM  
Blogger Anna said...


So, as a good Yukoner, where the per capita drinking rate is like twice what it is in the rest of Canada, I have a fair number of them nice paper liquor store bags lying around. In the summer, I use them to light my charcoal barbeque, so I can slow-cook hogs, Carolina-style. But in the winter, they tend to pile up, and so, after reading your helpful article re: popcorn and all the nasty stuff in those cute micro-bags, I reckoned, "hey - I'll nuke my corn in a booze bag". The idea, I think, was a good one, but the result, sadly, was a serious burning smell, and a bag that was teetering on the verge of bursting into flame when I pulled it out of the microwave - after only about 1:25 of nuking. I question if it was an inferior bag, or if the bag was too big, but in the end, I have determined that I would prefer to have these mysteries in my life, rather than to attempt a series of dangerous, pyromaniac experiments to see if there is an optimal type of paper bag that would allow for "ghetto-pop" microwave popping corn.
I should add that I was not drunk at the time when this experiment was conducted...

3:04 PM  
Blogger spughy said...

I think the part they may have left out, in that article, was the part where you add oil to the bag along with your popcorn. While this does necessitate wiping off your microwave turntable thingy post-popping, it prevents the popcorn from burning.

9:39 PM  

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